Apply For A Complimentary Hormone Assessment
Meet with me and my team to learn how your unique health situation could benefit from the support we offer inside The Hormone Harmony Method. Everyone is unique, so we meet with each prospective client before you join to ensure that we can help you. 

During this appointment we'll:
  • Get crystal clear on what you're struggling with most right now - not just with your hormones and period, but your overall health and quality of life
  • ​Discuss why it's important for you to get help now
  • ​Explore what you've tried before and why it hasn't worked
  • ​Identify the strategy that will optimize your hormones and health as well as the key action steps that have held you back in the past from getting out of survival mode
  • ​Discuss how my team and I, in my premium group coaching program The Hormone Harmony Method, can help you implement that strategy to optimize your health and quality of life
Please note: This assessment is used to explore if my program, The Hormone Harmony Method, is right for you. 
You may not have all the details yet and that’s okay! We’ll talk about that on the call. 
Due to the personalization & hands-on support we offer in this service, please only apply for this call if you understand that there is a financial commitment if you decide working with us is a good fit.